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Crato Formation

Scene illustrating the Crato Formation, located in the Araripe Basin during the Lower Cretaceous of Brazil.

In the foreground, in the grove area, 2 Tupandactylus imperator feed on the seeds of Welwitschiostrobus murili, as it is believed that tapejarids have fed on seeds and fruits. Welwitschiaceae plants are well known from the Brazilian Cretaceous, with specimens of different growth stages. Today, the only living representative of the group is Welwitschia, found only in Angola.

In the background, several Lacusovagus magnificens fly over the place. These are one of the largest known pterosaurs of the Formation, with estimatives of 4m wingspan. Also in the background, in the distance, are the characteristic estuaries of the ecosystem.

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Update 21/07/2018: This work was the 1st winner of the paleoart contest held on the XI Brazilian Symposium on Vertebrate Paleontology!